The Royal Space Force needs you! Take control of the Titan, a small star fighter with surprising firepower, and join the fight against evil invaders. If you have any hope of saving the galaxy you’ll need to do more than just survive.

Thyrian Defenders is a vertical shooter with a unique visual style inspired by pixel art masterpieces of the 16-bit era. However, we break the mold of the tired bullet hell formula. In order to modernize this beloved genre we’ve incorporated an objective based progression system, hundreds of satisfying upgrades, a wingman option, and a host of other unique features.


• iOS
• Android
• Steam
• Switch

We are also interested in Playstation and XBOX versions but they will come after the initial launch.

Currently, we are on track for commercial release in 2019. We will announce a more specific launch window as we near completion.


• 10 bosses
• 4 objectives per stage
• 4 difficulty settings
• 160 medals to collect
• 320 upgrades
• 36 Achievements
• 32 Star carts
• 5 playable characters
• 50+ hours of gameplay
• 2 passionate devs



In order to advance you must complete specific objectives in addition to clearing the stages and defeating bosses. Each stage includes four different objectives, which all demand different tactics to accomplish. For example, destroying 100% of enemy forces will require you to play aggressive. However to achieve the no damage objective you’ll need to back off and save your shields for key moments. Each stage also has a unique objective, like mining for ancient relics, or saving a baby dragon from evil captors.


Meet a cast of colorful alien characters along your journey who join your squadron. Choose a character to assist you in any level as a wingman, or let a second player take control for local co-op action. In single player the wingman hovers at your side granting control over their special abilities. Discover the variety of advantages each character offers, or fly solo if you’re too cool for company.


If you want to unlock the full potential of the Titan you’ll have to collect Gold Parts and purchase hundreds of incremental upgrades in order to improve 8 different ship components. Not only is it satisfying to improve your ship, but it also gives an addictive ‘just one more try’ quality to the game.


Not only do each of the 10 levels have a unique visual style, but they also present level specific mechanics that enhance the theme. For example, bubbles emerging from the swamp will stick to your ship and temporarily decrease your agility. Flying over lava for too long can set your hull ablaze. Strong wind currents try to veer you into harms way. Many more creative mechanics will surprise you with each new level.


If you plan on keeping the Titan off the ground you’ll need to keep it fueled with plasma energy. Plasma can be collected by absorbing energy from Space Kraken, or blasting power ups out of special crystals. This adds an interesting resource management element to the stages, and adds pressure to boss fights by imposing a time limit.


Test your skill on each stage with four difficulty settings. Every setting has it’s own set of objectives, essentially quadrupling the replay value for the completionist. We’ve spent great time ensuring that each setting properly increases the challenge and gives a fresh feel to each level.


Of course, Thyrian Defenders includes a full compliment of 36 achievements. While there are a handful of conventional progression achievements, we also include many well thought-out challenges that will have you playing the game in a completely unique manner.


Star Carts are rare item drops that grant permanent upgrades and new character skins. Keep at it and you’ll eventually come across all 32!